Theory of Relativity

Theory of Relativity

Is The theory of relativity a way to set limits to humans?

The Theory of Relativity is a dogma of orthodox Science which requires to be accepted as true whether it is understand or not.

From the time at the university, the student becomes submissive and accepts the situation. No wonder the Scientific Community and most physicists that compose it are conformists, and assume that this theory must be correct, not even allowing themselves to submit the slightest criticism. The only reason they think it should be correct is because it is largely accepted.

The theory of relativity is as if we fence the garden and we remove from the equation all those factors that are outside that fence. As if we remove the wind, clouds and mountains beyond that fence which are not of our interest.

Limiting Nature, making us believe that nature has limits. For the sole purpose of its equations to generate theoretical models who have the slightest relation to reality.

Two examples are:

  1. The Theory of the Curvature of Space
  2. The Theory of the Speed of Light.

The theory of the Curvature of Space is an important part of the theory of relativity, impossible to prove until today. Nicola Tesla, one of the great geniuses of the twentieth century said to that respect: “space cannot warp or bend itself for lacking matter”

However this theory is widely accepted in the academic world and in fact, is studied in schools and universities

Another example is the experiments carried out here in the United States, which have shown that the speed of light (another paradigm of the theory of relativity) is not the last frontier.

“Nothing can go faster than the speed of light.” That’s one of the most celebrated principles of Albert Einstein.

Lijun J. Wang et al., from NEC Research Institute in Princeton (New Jersey) in 2000, managed to exceed the speed of light at 310 times and the result was published in Nature.

The speed of light is no longer the limit, something happened…..! It went from the maximum allowed speed of 300,000 km/sec to 93,000,000 km/sec. Yes, 93 million miles per second.

Academic orthodoxy forced Lijun to say that the result of his experiment did not violate the Law of Relativity, I think it violated it… 310 times.

The same orthodoxy with the same volition is applied to the case of the theory of Human Evolution (Darwin). The scientific community is still hoping to find the missing link in the chain of evolution of the human species, which will never find because in my opinion, does not exist. We do not descended from monkeys because we share 93% of genes and only 300 genes differentiate us from the rats. Are those signs that perhaps we descended from them?

Definitely not, but it forces us not to look outside the box of knowledge imposed by orthodox science.

The Darwinian Theory is a theory not a law.

The dogmatic use of knowledge and the way is taught by groups of power in control of society, have consciously limited the analysis and human creativity.

The mechanisms of domination do not seem very different comparing the mission that the Inquisition of the Late Middle Ages had, with respect to the current days in which we live, the society, the academic world and the digital society, all keeping control systems over knowledge management, teaching us to think and see according to their criteria and for their economic and political purposes.

Marco Fabriano



Brief History of Homeopathy

Personal Introduction

Almudena Rodríguez – Pharmacist

Dear readers, my name is Almudena Rodríguez and I am a pharmacist, my specialty is Biochemistry. Throughout my career as the owner of two pharmacies in Madrid, I have seen the way allopathic medicines and chemical or synthesis drugs and how they work on patients and the side or adverse effects they produced. So, as a knowledgeable person of the drug chemistry, when my children were born, I decided I would try not to use that branch of medicine as long as I could.

I started medicating and healing my children, with clear, evident and more than positive results in the treatment of minor symptoms, I could verify the benefits of using Homeopathy and without side effects.

I decided to start studying again, to learn this wonderful and fascinating branch of medicine. I followed a Master’s degree in Madrid acquiring a thorough knowledge of this medical discipline and subsequently transferred my knowledge to help all people who wanted to heal without aggressiveness of traditional medicine.

That is why after many years of practice, I’ve decided to write about homeopathy in order to help everyone to understand the benefits of a “friendlier” medicine.

So I begin today with a brief history of the beginnings of Homeopathy thus trying to help the reader to understand the pillars supporting this amazing medical discipline that fascinates me both as a user and as the health professional I am.


The homeopathic method was developed in the nineteenth century by the prestigious German physician Samuel Hahnemann. Since then, millions of people use it earning the recognition of the European Union, the United States and many other countries. Its high efficiency, low cost and absence of contraindications and side effects, speaks for itself.

Brief History of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is prior to the introduction of the experimental method in medicine, based on a series of principles related to vitalism and the idea of health as harmony therapy. Its origins are very remote: there is a pre-hahnemannian homeopathy, signal theory, according to which form of plants indicate its therapeutic action.

The Spanish pharmacologist, botanist and humanist, Andres Laguna, who lived between 1499 and 1559, related that these signals would not be created by chance, but by the hand of a higher or immortal God. This higher being would have created plants with signals that humans would have to decipher in order to discover their virtues.

Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, in the eighteenth century, developed Homeopathy. It was very well received since its inception by many doctors and patients who saw it as a clear alternative to medicine that was practiced and was aggressive, and had very few results. Hahnemann was considered a reformer of medicine of his time.

Two of the most famous statements of Samuel Hahnemann:

  1. The vital force maintains all parts of the organism in admirable harmony.
  2. Only the disharmonious life force is what causes diseases.

For Hahnemann the origin of diseases is the weakening or loss of vital energy.

Hahnemann claimed that the root of evil is spiritual rather than physical, and that discomfort is manifested first with emotional symptoms such as anxiety and dislikes, and evolving if not properly treated: in mental symptoms, conduct disorder and finally disorders physical.

Homeopathy was developed with an advantage over the traditional medicine of the time: the drugs were harmless, and just so they could compete with the official remedies, which were mostly ineffective but also sometimes harmful.

There was so much distrust of curative treatments at the time that an idea had spread among the sick and the doctors themselves, with respect that the disease had no treatment, the best therapy was to do nothing, and letting nature take its course to its conclusion. Doctors suffered from a great loss of prestige, largely by remedies they used: bloodletting, leeches, and emetics, mercurial and debilitating diets.

Hahnemann was inspired by Paracelsus (Theophrastus Phillippus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim) 1493-1541; Swiss physician and alchemist.

Both were doctors and ahead of their contemporaries, separated by over three centuries, but their incessant search for new solutions to therapies in opposition to empirical remedies taking place in their respective eras, postulated them as modern and advanced practitioners.

Both held that “when this vital energy becomes unbalanced, the body gets sick.”

According to Hahnemann:

  1. A small boost would be enough to activate the self-healing process of the patient, so that the ideal drug would be that to enhance the body’s natural tendency to healing.
  1. The causes of disease are irrelevant since only by restoring the vital balance to the sick, can healing be done.

Ultimately, what really mattered was to know which drugs were able to strengthen the weakened vital energy of that patient or sick person.

Homeopathy Principles

Law of Analogy

  1. Spiritual strength is responsible for the body’s health.
  2. The substance or plants capable of causing certain symptoms in a healthy person are able to cure the sick man.
  3. The medicinal substance capable of curing a disease will be a drug substance that is capable of causing the same symptoms.

Law of infinitesimal dilutions

The more diluted the healing substances the more effective they are; dilution is to be performed to enhance the activity of drugs.

Water Revitalization and Memorization

This point is perhaps the most important of all, the true philosopher’s stone of Homeopathy

Number of Avogadro

(Amedeo Avogadro, Italian chemist and physicist (1776 – 1856)

He made ​​the so called Law of Avogadro: “Equal volumes of various gases under the same conditions of temperature and pressure, contain the same number of particles”.

Absence of Molecules

Hahnemann did not know he was exceeding the limit dilution, since he did not know the number of Avogadro, a physical constant that makes it possible to calculate the number of molecules in a mass amount of substance. From certain dilutions, the molecules in the solution disappear.

Water Revitalization and Memorization

Through experimentation Hahnemann realized that when shaking vigorously during the dilution of homeopathic medicine, the drug could be more effective. The name of water revitalization and storage of active substances was coined to explain and justify the way homeopathy acts. This process has been maintained throughout more than a century and this technique and homeopathic preparations continue healing as much as then.

The revitalization through intense agitation of the preparation or solution, is done in successive stages or 1:10 dilution 1: 100 parts of solvent or water, repeating this process as many times as necessary to determine the potency of the solution in Hahnemann decimal or centesimal: DH or CH.

Final Thoughts

The Avogadro number is one of many analytical systems that cannot determine the validity of the result in homeopathic dilutions because there is no molecule in homeopathic medicines, but water or solvent “remember” the substance after the dilution process.

All pharmacology has a molecular foundation, and molecules cannot be explained without any reaction phenomenon through traditional assays.

It is for this reason that in homeopathy we must speak of “molecular memory”

Official medicine has tried from discredit to downplay homeopathy, especially in recent decades, without any success. On the contrary, homeopathic medicines are now accepted by a large part of the population, sensitive to solve their ailments safely and without contraindications or side effects.

Homeopathy is a field of education in the universities and in many countries homeopathic medicines are officially recognized as official drugs and are funded by their public health systems.

Almudena Rodriguez

Pharmacist and Co- Founder


Ecosystem – the basis of human and wildlife well-being

Ecosystem – the basis of human and wildlife well-being

Ecosystem is an interrelationship among living organisms from the most minuscule as bacteria and fungi, through the wonderful botanical world, plants and trees to the animals.

Everything that composes our ecosystem is like a puzzle where each piece gives meaning or integration to other living elements, forming a harmonic structure and vital for the sustenance and endurance of the human being.

In my opinion the basis of livelihood for all this wonderful complex structure is the rainwater, trees and plant world around them.

Trees serve many missions which is enjoyed by humans. Trees hold the soil compact in its place. A mountain or hill with enough trees get two effects in favor of the action of the rain: the leaves cushion the fall of the water and thus the force of impact to the duel. And roots retain adhesion to the topsoil. The dynamic action of water and physical – chemical transformation in the soil surrounding the trees, is creating fertile soil, edaphic factor, new native trees and over time, the concentration of trees takes the form of forest.

Another important synergy is the ability of roots of trees to retain water in the soil and filter into the underground aquifers.

The main source of water production is through rainfall.

Water, source of life for our species and our ecosystem is a challenge for our times. Pollution, acid rain, make control and water quality, essential for our health tasks. The precipitation rate in many parts of the world has changed substantially in the last hundred years. Areas over time have become arid and desert. This has led to changes such as the extinction of botanical species and / or animals. A change in our ecosystem.

To reverse this problem, there needs to be a certain concentration of vapor in the atmosphere, so that the water condense and precipitate

If the mountains or hills are free of trees, the air does not condense and rain does not occurs. But if these same mountains, hills or plains have a good concentration of trees, the small number of grams of steam transcends its leaves is enough to achieve a relative humidity of 100%, and cause condensation and rain.

In a ecosystem’s cycle we need to be aware of their importance; Forests, the larger they are, more water they evaporate and more water they receive.

Almudena Rodriguez



7 foods to prevent hair loss

7 Foods to prevent hair loss

There are 7 foods to prevent hair loss; nutrition factors like essential element for maintain our hair healthy and strengthening and assists us in the growth of new hair.


The ancient properties of this digestive fungus increase the biological value of proteins of milk and has multiple healing virtues. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamin B group and tryptophan, with a high concentration of intestinal bacteria.

HOW: Calcium is an essential element for hair and nails, as our body is constantly losing it and needs a continuous supply to stay healthy. Magnesium, participates in the formation of all proteins, essential for strengthening our hair and assists us in the growth of new hair. B group of vitamins, nourishes the hair follicles. Tryptophan, is one of the 20 amino acids included in the genetic code. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid, that only can be obtained through our diet. Among its functions, it secretes a hormone that reduces stress thus it assists us maintain our hair healthy.

Organge Juice for hair loss

Orange and Carrot juice blend

This Orange elixir assist our defenses with large amounts of C vitamin and phytochemicals like hesperidin that enhance the immune system. Orange is a powerful antioxidant, beneficial to our eyes, skin and respiratory system. Carrots, is an alkalizing food which helps to purify the blood. It cleanses the liver, improves muscle structure, bones and teeth. It is also an ally against diabetes, by balancing the levels of sugar in the blood.

HOW: Our body does not produce vitamin C so intake is necessary for the maintenance of collagen in our skin and collagen matrix of the scalp which is the basis of livelihood of our follicles. Carrot juice contains 100 grams of Vitamin A and 24 total calories. Carrot juice prevents eyes diseases, strengthens the immune system and has anti-cancer properties. This drink also promotes the skin and hair.

Olive oil

By its composition in fatty acids, virgin olive oil is similar to breast milk. Moderate consumption promotes cardiovascular health, the functioning of the liver and gallbladder. The high quantity of polyphenols (a natural antioxidant) that this “liquid gold” contains, helps prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, and cellular aging.

HOW: Antioxidant action reduces the aging of the cell membrane and contains vitamin E. Under the follicle cells, there is a complex of cell membranes which contain an adhesive material which holds together the cells. It is composed of proteins in the form of amino acids, lipids, ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids.


Since ancient times, honey is appreciated for its antimicrobial and healing nature. It is recommended by the World Health Organization as a natural remedy for coughs, colds and throat infections. One or two teaspoons for breakfast helps start the day with energy, thanks to its quick assimilation of sugars.

HOW: Honey is a natural ingredient made primarily of fructose and glucose, with minerals and vitamin B groups, vitamin C, D and E. Honey also has a considerable variety of antioxidants (flavonoids and phenolic) that nourish the body. Due to the quality of water retention, honey is an effective moisturizer for the hair and prevents hair loss and break.

Dried fruits

The extensive positive properties of dried fruit especially nuts tend to be prescribed by the cardiologists. Its Omega 3 fatty acids play an important role in reducing heart disease by 50%. It is taken for stress because it increases the amount of melatonin in the blood, promoting relaxation and emotional balance.

HOW: Hair fibers are composed of more than 75% of fibrous proteins called keratins, which are very rich in sulphur and minerals especially in zinc, iron and magnesium. You will find these minerals in nuts and by integrating them into your diet it will benefit your hair.

Brewer’s yeast

This supplement, which is very comprehensive in its composition and rich in vitamins of the B group, is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous and preferred system against depression, anxiety or stress.

HOW: Brewer’s yeast is a good way to meet many of the vitamin deficiencies we have due to its high content of proteins and vitamin B. This helps prevent hair loss and improves the condition of the scalp and its health.


Chocolate is able to unleash a chain of chemical reactions in the human body increasing the production of phenylethylamine, serotonin, and dopamine. This reaction can create feelings of serenity that lasts for hours. In ancient times, it was considered “food of the gods” for the Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs and was used as source of power, energy, and healing.

Today we know the ‘buzz’ we experience after consuming it, this is due to an alteration in the function of a neurotransmitter called anandamide – derived from the word ‘happiness’ in Sanscrit. This feeling can temporarily block feelings of depression and pain, which makes it very important to control quantities to avoid addiction.

Dark chocolate as a snack or part dinner, can reduce states of anxiety and assist in the feeling of well-being and relaxation. In addition, this delicacy is rich in flavonoids, and acts as a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.

HOW: It is excellent at uplifting your mood and helps eliminate fatigue because it increases the level of serotonin. It is also a beneficial product for our hair. The ancient properties of chocolate restore and strengthen damaged hair. This is because chocolate is rich in vitamin B1, which provides nutrients and hydration and offers a high level of magnesium, this helps to increase elasticity and the strength of your hair. It also can produce a shine and/or silkiness to our hair.

HairWise Best Natural Shampoo

Almudena Rodriguez


Edaphic factor – the core of the power of plants

Edaphic factor – the core of the power of plants

We believe strongly in the Edaphic factor like the core of the power of plants, the real quintessence in terms of their quality ingredients. In botany, plants offer different qualities depending on the geographical altitude, the amount of sun exposure, the composition of the earth in their moisture and acid base balance; and yearly rainfall, which is the amount of rainwater that the plant receives throughout the year.

Edaphic factor – some examples

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) this plant is found in Mediterranean countries.

In Andalucia (South West region of Spain) exists Rosemary of good quality, but this plant needs a much higher level of sunshine and very little moisture in the soil, which means low precipitation. So if you want the best Rosemary in Morocco (north of Africa) is where you will find it. Where the best Edaphic factor allow the best quality in Rosemary essentials oil.

Chamomile (Matricaria Recutita Chamomila) is also found in the United States in Montana and other northern states. Which is of good quality; but if we want to find the best quality of this plant, it is found in Germany due to the high level of rainfall yearly and temperate climate, again the Edaphic factor.

These are examples, but it is also our methodology, knowledge and our experience through the last 15 years working on botanicals hand made formulas for hair treatments; picking the plants only at their best, their natural origin.

Almudena Rodriguez



Organge Juice for hair loss

HESPERIDIN (a little miracle for your skin & hair)

HESPERIDIN – a little miracle for your skin and for your hair.

Hello to all my followers, today I am going to talk about an especial ingredient. The hespiridin, an ingredient that despite of its anonymity, it has a secondary roll, just like supporting actors whose presence is paramount for the success of the movie. They even get to win an Oscar!

Read more

Best organic shampoo for grey hair

Women’s Hair Loss

A woman’s hair loss is different.

Hair loss is a problem that mainly affects men, but for women is also a real trauma because the hair is one of the parts of our body that gives us personality, hairstyle, color, cutting, etc.

Life cycle of hair

The hair cycle is like the cycle of life; it’s born (anagen phase), it grows (catagen phase), and with the passage of time it degenerates and ends it’s life (telogen phase) giving way to a new hair and the cycle begins again.

Causes of women’s hair loss

The causes of excessive hair loss in women, are varied:


  • Excess of masculine hormones:

The follicles that produce hair fibers are sensitive to hormones and consume large amounts of estrogen. If there is a hormonal imbalance, hair is less protected against the action of male hormones, which stimulate seborrhea which destroys the hair.

Unbalanced diets

  • Excess fat in the diet, lack of minerals and vitamins.


Low levels of iron, calcium, magnesium, chromium, zinc and high levels of copper, curb the formation of new hair follicles and these grow thin and weak.


Iron strengthens hair, making it less fragile. Iron deficiency is a common phenomenon that comes along with hair loss.


Calcium is an adjuvant element joined to copper in the formation of new and stronger hair follicles.


Magnesium is essential for the energetic production(Adenosine triphosphate ATP) and assist for the best growth of the hair follicle.


Yeast is a good resource to obtain this valuable mineral. It contributes to the hair follicles good health.


When white spots appear in our nails and we feel that our hair is getting fragile, dry, and easily breakable, it shows a zinc deficiency.


Copper is required for the formation of hair structure. It is essential in the formation of our hair color, melanin.


Vitamins В1, В2, В3, В5, В6 This group of vitamins are responsible for the hair growth. That is why its deficiency can lead to hair loss.

Vitamin В1 (Thiamine) It is not synthesized by the human body, that is why it has to be obtained through food, so it can help us.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) Regulates the hair growth and the keratin formation of hair and nails.

Vitamin В3 (Niacin) Useful when treating alopecia that comes with or without seborrhea obtaining really interesting results. If taken orally with pantothenic acid, it helps with microcirculation.

Vitamin В5 (Pantothenic acid) It is essential for the health of our hair. It relieves stress thanks to that pantothenic acid that synthesizes anti stress hormones throughout cholesterol, reducing hair loss for this causal.

Vitamin В6 (Pyridoxine) Vitamin В6 It is necessary to prevent dandruff. The bacteria that lives in our intestine fabricates little amounts of pyridoxine, this is done through a balanced diet, to obtain the perfect dose.

Vitamin A It naturally keeps hair hydrous and silky.

Vitamin C Take part in the formation of collagen, basic to strengthen hair. Although there are a lot of mammals that can produce their own vitamin C in their liver. Unfortunately human beings lost that capacity, long time ago.

Vitamin E Keeps scalp blood vessels in good health, that way it improves blood circulation in that area. Increasing blood supply it helps increasing the nourishment that the hair receives. That means, having an optimal hair quality that is difficult to lose. Vitamin E is a powerful anti oxidant, it removes the free radicals, unstable components that harm the cellular structure.

Vitamin D Maintains the scalp and hair in a good health. Plus, this vitamin helps with the calcium absorption process. Essential to maintain the hair follicles healthy.

Vitamin F (INCI name Linoleic/Linolenic acid) It brings glow and a youthful appearance to the skin. Revitalise dry and damage hair.


Cholesterol is needed for our body to function properly.

The cholesterol circulating in the blood is combined with proteins, thereby forming a union called “Lipoproteins.” There are two types of lipoproteins; HDL or High Density and Low Density Level or LDL.

Our liver is responsible for the production of cholesterol from carbohydrates Simple and saturated fatty acids.

The problem begins when this amount increases due to the age of the person, family antecedents, but also by bad habits and foods rich in lipids (fats).

In the case of our hair, excess of cholesterol accumulated in artery walls, hinder the passage of blood, and our hair will not receive the amounts of nutrients needed and the quality of the new hair will be low.

All this leads to thinner, weaker and prone to falling hair.

Chemicals for our hair:

  • Harsh chemical treatments such as Keratin
  • Discolorations (bleach)
  • Dyes with ammonia (dye)

Emotional Factors

  • Stress:

Women hair loss because of stress is almost always due to a temporary negative situation, but can also be extended if the situation continues.


  • Due to the presence of placental hormones, which can worsen the appearance of hair, grease it and weaken it or improve it and strengthen it, depending on every woman and the stage of gestation.



  • Menopause is the permanent cessation of ovarian function, externally, resulting in the disappearance of the period and usually occurs around age 50.

A decrease of female hormones, estrogen and progesterone occurs. The hair becomes thin and weak and falls and women hair loss begin.


In all cases of women hair loss, the most recommended solution is to use Women Hair Stimulating Herbal Shampoos, the natural and most indicate hair care – hair loss. See our results with it in Real Cases.

At HAIRWISE we only conceive plant shampoos, where the number of plants and it´s concentration in the formula is much higher than in any other shampoo brands.

In terms of quality, we believe that the best plants are where they grow best, Edaphic Condition, those are the plants we use.

If you would like to see more of the plants we use, see our technical data sheet on our website; The Power of Plants

In our product catalog, you will find a solution for your hair as well as before and after photos of people who have used the treatment; real testimonies. Our products are made with a minimum of 25 plants, leaves, and roots.

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Almudena Rodriguez



Best natural hair shampoo to recover from Keratin

Are Keratin Treatments Safe?

Are Keratin Treatments Safe?

Many women love the way keratin treatments leave hair smooth, shiny and (seemingly) healthy for months. However, in their pursuit of straight and silky hair, many are not fully aware of the Best natural hair shampoo to recover from Keratinlasting damage keratin treatments can do to the hair and scalp.

My name is Almudena Rodriguez and I have been a pharmacist for 24 years. I decided to start writing this blog after reviewing a lot of other hair blogs, mainly because I feel that there needs to be more conversation and awareness regarding the pros and cons of keratin treatments.

Perhaps you have been getting Brazilian Blowouts and/or keratin treatments for a while and your hair looks spectacular, and so far you don’t seem to have encountered any of the negative effects. Yet just because you don’t currently see or feel them, it doesn’t mean that these treatments are leaving your hair undamaged. Allow me to explain why.

Natural Keratin vs. Commercial Keratin

Natural keratin is a protein produced in our bodies that provides new skin, nails and hair with consistency and strength. The ‘commercial’ or ‘salon’ keratin used in keratin treatments to produce that smoothing effect is a lab-produced artificial protein.

Keratin and our hair

Specifically there are two main components of keratin treatments that can do extensive damage to hair and ultimately lead to severe hair loss problems:

  • Formaldehyde and some of its derivatives like formalin. These are chemical preservatives that, along with keratin and the heat of the flat iron, transform and smooth the hair during the keratin treatment.
  • As I mentioned earlier, the commercial keratin used to achieve smooth, straight hair is an artificial protein created in a lab. While it may make hair follicles appear shinier and stronger, it actually prevents hair from truly being healthy.

And here’s where the process of getting silky, glamorous-looking hair becomes unquestionably un-glamorous: as soon as the stylist starts using the flat iron on the hair, all the protein in the artificial keratin literally dies.

In fact, here are just a few of the consequences that keratin suffers after it meets with a flat iron:

  • Beneficial amino acids are eradicated
  • It turns into a property-less gel-like substance
  • Proteins tend to denature when they meet temperatures between 50-60º Celsius or 120-140º Fahrenheit.

The risk of flat irons and extreme heat

Think about the temperatures at which the flat iron works to process all the keratin in our hair. Now think about all the steam that appears during the process. That steam is a combination of the moisture that was in your hair plus formaldehyde from the keratin treatment. Yes indeed, that’s a formaldehyde steam cloud emanating from your dehydrated hair and surrounding your eyes and nose. This combination of extreme heat and chemicals often results in hair that becomes thin and weak—ultimately leading to hair loss.

The toxic risk of formaldehyde and its derivatives

There are severe health problems and risks associated with formaldehyde in keratin hair treatments. During the treatment, the air you breathe is contaminated by the formaldehyde steam mentioned above, and it can affect your respiratory tract, eyes and skin. In higher doses it can even lead to hair loss and dermatitis.

The European Union has already warned about the use of keratin treatment.

Before you do the treatment, do your homework

  • Ask your stylist to see the label of the product, to make sure it does not carry formaldehyde or metanal/formalin. Formaldehyde-free alternatives like ammonium bisulfite are available.
  • If you have thin hair you are more likely to have problems after treatments like the Brazilian Blowout or Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy.
  • Limit the use and frequency of the flat iron to only a couple of times per week. Try to use low temperatures so you can still get the desired look without the negative effects.
  • Do not use a flat iron when your hair is wet! It will severely dehydrate your hair.
  • If you feel like your hair is not growing properly or that it breaks very easily, ask your dermatologist before booking an appointment for a Brazilian Blowout or Keratin treatment.

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Where to Get the Best Hair Care in Miami

Healthy hair is beautiful hair that makes you look and feel your best every day. At Hairwise, we are committed to helping you achieve the healthiest, most gorgeous head of hair possible, with expert recommendations and treatments to address every type of scalp and hair concern. While your stylist keeps your “do” on trend, we make sure your hair is ready to shine in whatever style you choose. There are plenty of reasons to check out our Miami location if you are ready to take your hair care to the next level.

Our Focus

At Hairwise, we focus on three main areas in our pursuit to make your hair healthy and stunning:

Top Quality Products

We only use the finest ingredients in our hair care products that provide a nutritional boost and targeted therapy for specific hair concerns. You can rest assured when you purchase Hairwise products that you will not be putting any harmful substances on your hair – only beneficial, natural ingredients that will promote healthy tresses now and in the future.

Matching Products to Clients

No two heads of hair are exactly alike, which is why we offer a variety of formulations to address every need and aesthetic goal. Whether your hair is oily, dry or simply lacks luster and volume, we can help you choose the products that will give your hair everything it needs to look its best every day.

Personalized Care

Perhaps you have a specific scalp condition that is affecting the appearance and health of your hair. Maybe you have noticed you hair starting to thin and you are concerned about just how far this hair loss might go. Our personalized programs provide you with the solutions you need to address these concerns and bring your locks back to a state of good health.

Our Services

Customers concerned about hair or scalp disorders will find our personalized programs to be results-driven and effective through these simple steps:

  • One-on-one meeting to examine your case in detail
  • Confidential report listing personal habits, medical history and hair products currently used
  • Hair test recording using hi-def microscope that examines the scalp and collects images
  • Diagnosis and recommendation of products that will work best for your specific needs
  • Repeat of the hair test in one month to ensure current program is working as planned

Our Products

Once you arrive at the diagnosis and recommendation step of our personalized program, you will be introduced to the high quality hair care products designed specifically for our Hairwise patients and customers. We offer multiple formulations that allow us to customize your treatment to your specific needs. Our treatments can be used as both a cleanser and a deep scalp treatment that delivers the nutrients you need right where you need it.

In addition to our treatments, we offer hair regrowth serums for men and women that contain ingredients to maximize blood flow to the scalp, reverse free radical damage and block production of a hormone that leads to hair loss. These serums address the various reasons for hair loss in both men and women, to bring natural balance back to the scalp and restore lost hair.

Hairwise is unique in its ability to diagnose and treat a wide range of hair problems. Our Miami location is available for local residents and we offer online services for customers that do not live in the area. To learn more about what sets Hairwise apart from the rest, contact a member of our team today at 305-799-8276.

HairWise Best Natural Shampoo

Almudena Rodriguez
Pharmacist and Co-Founder

Plant Based Hair Loss Shampooå

The Power of Plants

Nowadays we have at our reach different ways to face and fix health problems: the conventional medicine that we purchase at the pharmacy and natural medicine. As a pharmacist I know both medicines; the action of the chemical drugs that I have sold in my pharmacy for over 14 years but also the benefits of the natural medicine that I have always promoted and offered to my patients.

As the mother of 3 children, I have always preferred natural medicine and homeopathy, which I also know a lot about, and I have recommended it to my patients through all of my years as a pharmacist.

The passion and enthusiasm that I have for botany made me think that perhaps, writing about it is the best way to share my experience and work on the wonders and amazing properties that plants offer to us, our health and our beauty.

Today’s post is a brief introduction to botany and medicinal plants. It is meant to be an introduction because I will keep posting more posts about specific plants that we use in our formulas here at Hairwise.

I hope that you can find this interesting and useful.

Phytotherapy – The most genuine kind of medicine


Since the early days of humankind, plants have served both as food and healers. The knowledge on these plants and how to use them to cure was acquired from direct experience and transmitted from parents to children, for hundreds of generations.

Several civilizations like the Egyptians and the Romans started collecting these plants and began to classify them into medicine books, The code of Hammurabi (1.600 BC) is a great example of this.

Present time

Today, more and more people rely on medicinal plants to improve their health. Phytotherapy provides us with natural ingredients that are efficient as synthesized medicines but without the side effects. This is one of the main reasons why we keep researching and working with natural plants, to know how to implement them better on common hair problems and conditions like dandruff, oily hair and hair loss.

Phytotherapy – Its meaning

The study of the properties and qualities of plants is known as ‘phytotherapy’. The meaning of this word comes from the Greek word; fito = plant + therapeia = therapy. Thus, plant therapy helps people overcome sickness through medicinal plants.

Medicinal plant – Its meaning

A medicinal plant is any plant that holds healing properties within it.

Not all plants are medicinal

From all of the known plants and vegetables, only a small portion of them have active principles of therapeutic effect.

These extraordinary qualities that were found through empiric ways have been scientifically explained nowadays, thanks to the knowledge on their action mechanisms.

Quintessence of plants

While conventional medicines are made through individual chemical components (Aspirin – brand; Acetyl Salicylic – active ingredient), plants can have hundreds of different components.

Primary ingredients and secondary ingredients behave in a symbiotic way. They both need from each other so the plants are biologically active, and that is necessary in order for their healing properties to exist.

Whole plant or just a part… ?

Laboratories, in their quest to augment and improve the results of their products, have tried to extract only the primary active ingredient from the plant, but this molecule by itself is a molecule without activity.

Orange juice – a clear proof

A clear and easy example to portray this can be found in the extraction of vitamin C within our diet through oranges.

Vitamin C is present in most citrics, and it is formed by two main components: C1 (vitamin C) & C2 (pentahydroxyflavone)

If we subtract or remove the C2 factor, vitamin C (the C1 factor) oxidizes, losing its therapeutic properties.

Why? Because the C2 factor (pentahydroxyflavone) is an antioxidant for the C1 factor (vitamin C). It means that vitamin C by itself loses all therapeutic properties. It becomes an inactive molecule.

Plants are formed by a marvelous complexity, where each one of their parts is irreplaceable. Everything counts and nothing is accidental.

Perhaps the best way to express this is by using the words that Paracelsus, a medical professor and botanist in the XV century, left for us (1400 DC): “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

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Almudena Rodriguez
Pharmacist and Co-Founder