Winter time and hair care – Introduction

Helping your Hair in Winter Time

During the winter season, as temperatures drop, everything undergoes a change – from the clothes we wear to the more calorie-dense food we consume. Consequently, the reduced hours of sunlight during this time of year result in lower production of vitamin D through our skin, negatively affecting the health of our hair.

However, during winter, there is a tendency for the intensity of hair care to decrease, and this can be a significant mistake. The colder temperatures cause capillary vessels to shrink, resulting in reduced blood supply, leading to decreased oxygen and nutrient delivery to the hair. Furthermore, indoor heating exacerbates the issue by drying out the environment, causing water evaporation from the outer layer of the hair and scalp. Consequently, both the hair and scalp become dry and sensitive.

During the winter season, implementing a specific hair care plan becomes essential. Consequently, this involves the use of products specifically tailored for this time of year. Such an approach is instrumental in maintaining hair health, ensuring it remains vibrant and full of vitality.

Essential Hair Care plan in Winter

The winter hair care plan should include three essential points:

1. Hair care products for the winter

a. Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners
b. Mask and Hair Serum
c. Dyes and bleaches in winter
d. Brushing and Blow-dryer

2. Nourish your hair from within

a. Vitamin
b. Minerals
b. Aminoacids

3. Protecting your hair from the winter cold

*In the following posts, a comprehensive explanation of my advice will be provided.

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