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We would love to have you in our hair center. You can find us at 245 SE 1st ST, #201, Miami FL 33131.
Find the cause of your hair condition, live the experience.

Customized Treatments

Trying and testing products when you don’t know what your problem is with you and your hair doesn’t seem like the best way to solve the problem. It all starts with understanding the challenges associated to hair and scalp disorders. Let us listen, we can help. We are specializing in one-on-one programs.
This is how it works:


1. Confidential Report: General information about personal habits, list of hair products or treatment used and medical history.   

2. Hair & Scalp examination: A high definition microscope helps examine the scalp and collects photographs to document the conditions before treatment begins.We carefully examine your case and the most appropriate personalized hair treatment.  We will answer all your questions.

3. Diagnosis: Explanation of the hair problem as well as it should be the course of the action through the customized fresh formulas to elaborate each month and the monthly visits to follow up.  We will talk and answering all your questions. Average Time Consultation 1 hour.


TREATMENT – always according to personal hair needs in each case.

4. Elaborating Customized Formulas: Once the decision to start the treatment is made, 72 hrs after the meeting, customized formulas will be ready. The new customized formulas will be apply, only the first time, in our facilities.

5. Follow-Up: We repeat once a month the hair & scalp examination to determine how fast the hair is progressing. Clear signs of improvement are expected within a month.