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We would love to have you in our retail. You can find us at 74 E Flalger, Miami FL, 33131.

Find the cause of your hair condition with our state of the art hd microscope.

Online Hair Test

We strive to make your live easy. Can’t come? Here’s a thirty seconds online questionnaire that will help us find the right mach for your hair and scalp. Try it, it’s free, quick and easy.
(for informational purposes only, we always recommend a live test at our store)

Personalized Programs

It all starts with understanding the challenges associated to hair disorders. Let us listen, we can help. We are specializing in one-on-one programs. Our results are real and life-lasting.
This is how it works:

Approximately 45 min.
We carefully examine your case and evaluate a potential treatment.

If accepted we set the following steps:

1. Confidential Report:
General information on personal habits, list of commonly used hair products and medical history.

2. Audiovisual Hair Test Recording:
A high definition microscope helps examine the scalp and collects photographs to document the conditions before treatment begins.

3. Diagnosis and Preparation
Completion of consent and privacy forms. Explanation of the diagnosis as well as the course of action. Payment for the product.
Approximately 24 hrs after the appointment, the individualized hair solution will be ready to pick up. Detailed instructions will be communicated upon product delivery. This can be sent via parcel service (UPS or Fedex).

4. Follow-Up
Clear signs of recession are expected within a month. This is when Hairwise will repeat the hair test and determine next steps: to adjust the treatment or to continue until the expected results have been achieved.

DURATION: From 3 to 6 months. Results may vary.