Helping your Hair in Winter Time

                                                                                              Moisturizing Conditioners Features

To combat frizzy and tangled hair after washing, apply a high-quality conditioner. Additionally, conditioners neutralize negative charges, specifically static electricity, leaving the hair frizzy after shampooing, as they are infused with positive electrical charges.

Our conditioners, formulated with a high concentration of natural mineral ingredients that carry positive charges, significantly reduce frizziness in freshly washed and already clean hair. This improvement enhances the final detangling and styling results.

Leave – in vs Leave – out. How to use

Conditioners are applied to wet hair, allowing them to remain for approximately one or two minutes for ample contact time. During this period, the ingredients offer protection, moisturization, and nutrition. Subsequently, the conditioner is rinsed out. However, despite the availability of versions that do not require rinsing (leave-in), they are not my preference because they tend to create an almost instantaneous greasy and dull effect on the hair after a few hours.

Consider the conditioner’s ingredients in winter, just like shampoos, for healthy hair. Biotin, B vitamins, taurine, and amino acids are crucial for a balanced formula, protecting the hair in cold months.

The amino acids present in a conditioner formulation improve the synthesis of the protein keratin, the main “components” that make up the hair shaft, and consequently, promote hair growth.

If you are seeking a high-quality conditioner, your hair will experience an enhanced effect after shampooing.

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