People believe alopecia is always the cause of hair loss but in reality, alopecia represents less than 5% of the causes of Hair Loss.

I am a pharmacist and during the last 22 years I have developed over 5,000 natural formulas through medicinal plants. I began to develop formulas for dermatologists and in time,  for my clients. I have studied the hair and its issues with a microscope to more than 1,000 people; here I unveil the truth:

There are at least 7 different types of alternate states on the scalp/hair that causes hair loss.
  1. Thin & Weak hair                                   4. Seborrheic Dermatitis
  2. Oily Hair and Scalp                                5. Dandruff & Oily (white flakes are in scalp)
  3. Dry Dandruff (white flakes are in shoulder)

They represent 95% of the causes of hair fall in people. The keys to Stop Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth are identified and clear.


6. Androgenetic Alopecia                            7. Alopecia Areata

They represent less than 5%.

Each of these pathologies has a way of treatment then, why the pharmaceuticals companies continue to see only one solution in store?

My Lab is located in Miami. Here I can analyze the hair in deep detail like you have never seen before, it takes just 30 minutes and then is when I will recommend you one of my medicinal plant-based solutions. We macerate and ferment the plants to extract the vital juice and bottled it in an amber glass bottle. I elaborate 20 units at a time to guarantee maximum quality.

The online Hair Assesment is easy to use, useful, convenient and free. It was developed for everybody that live away from my work area. The product that best suits your needs is recommended after all the questions have been answered.

We ship to your home through USPS

Almudena “Almu” Rodriguez

Pharmacist & Co-Founder