What is stress and how can it affect hair loss?

Stress is an altered emotional state that the human being develops due to adverse events and it can affect hair loss. The origin of stress can be due to real or imaginary situations of the individual itself but which be could experienced as real. Some examples of situations that can cause stress are; separation or divorce, loss of a loved one, economic problems, loss of job but it could also be the loss of a home due to an eviction or loss of a dear and beloved pet.

Of course the degree of stress in any of the above situations varies for each person because it depends on the subjective assessment that the individual gives in that circumstance and how it affects personally.

Stress is a mechanism that we share with animals and also with plants and allows us to react to contexts for which we are not prepared. It is a problem or psychosomatic disease, it is formed in the thought (psyche) and if it is maintained for a long time then it becomes a problem for our body and immune system (soma); it means psychosomatic, and can lead to cardiovascular problems, ulcers, intestinal problems, eczema, acne and of course hair loss reaching the person to develop alopecia in varying degrees to be able to go completely bald.

Almu Rodriguez

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