Sun and Hair                                                            

The Sun: enemy or friend of our hair?

We are already approaching the end of the hottest time of the year (for those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere); meanwhile, those who live in the Southern Hemisphere are already thinking about how beautiful summer is coming. The Sun contributes to our personal well-being as well, being responsible for the photosynthesis of the plants that we use for our fresh, customized formulas for hair. It is also a matter of interest to know how much it is beneficial for our hair.

Today marks the beginning of a series of articles delving into the relationship between the sun and its impact on our hair. The topics that we’ll cover will be:

1. Understanding our hair. (It’s basic!)
2. How the Sun affects our skin and hair

3. Protecting our hair before repairing it
4. Repairing our hair when the damage is already there

5. How free radicals act on our skin and hair
6. Antioxidants: their beneficial effect against free radicals

7. Plant solar biological filters for hair protection


Almu Rodriguez

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