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HairWise Franchise Program

A New Beginning

Our Business, Your Opportunity

Our company HairWise was born in a pharmacy in 1995. For over 22 years we have been thriving to improve our work and our plants based hair formulas to obtain not only a natural hair care but with genuine results.

Healed and Marvelous Hair through medicinals plants is Trending
Every day more people are becoming conscious of the importance of a healthy hair and natural solutions based on medicinal plants.
There are many persons worried about their hair loss that aren’t finding a solution that really works. HairWise, for over two decades, has developed a system that provides with the right answer.

What We Do

We develop our own products throughout medicinal plants. Dozens of active ingredients are within each medicinal plant, the quality of our plants and our knowledge on how to develop our formulas marks the difference. These factors assure the maximum efficiency and results as in a chemicals based medicine but in a natural way. Throughout the years, we have developed over 5.000 formulas for our clients and dermatologist.

Our Business model

HairWise has developed a model, the “HairWise Method” which is based on:

  1. Personalized hair analysis – detection of the hair condition.
  2. Recommendation of the solution that will best suit each person.
  3. Results within weeks. Through our method “HairWise Method”.
  4. Follow up during the rest 6 months – we are always compromised with the result.

HairWise Method, What does it mean?

The HairWise method has as a main goal the re-education of the client over hair care so they can obtain a healthy hair and finally defeat the condition.
It’s about an effective solution in the majority of cases within a short time frame, in between one to three months.

Thanks to our HairWise Method, no longer four or more products will be required to obtain long lasting results and a healthy hair, without hair loss.
Our customer is the most important thing and we are concerned just as him or her to obtain the desired results. This is why we cover the need to see and experience the progressive goals and success throughout the monthly follow ups. We will guide the client until we reach the desired result.

Do you want to join our family and open yourself to a promising future?

Our activity needs to open new stores throughout the whole nation. Everywhere we go there will be people with hair conditions and problems and we can also provide them with the right solution that has already helped thousands of customers in Europe and United States.

Contact Us

Write us an email to and send us a brief personal biography or resume. We will contact you to maintain a conversation and evaluate the possibilities that could bring to both of us if you join our HairWise family.