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Theory of Relativity

Theory of Relativity

Is The theory of relativity a way to set limits to humans?

The Theory of Relativity is a dogma of orthodox Science which requires to be accepted as true whether it is understand or not.

From the time at the university, the student becomes submissive and accepts the situation. No wonder the Scientific Community and most physicists that compose it are conformists, and assume that this theory must be correct, not even allowing themselves to submit the slightest criticism. The only reason they think it should be correct is because it is largely accepted.

The theory of relativity is as if we fence the garden and we remove from the equation all those factors that are outside that fence. As if we remove the wind, clouds and mountains beyond that fence which are not of our interest.

Limiting Nature, making us believe that nature has limits. For the sole purpose of its equations to generate theoretical models who have the slightest relation to reality.

Two examples are:

  1. The Theory of the Curvature of Space
  2. The Theory of the Speed of Light.

The theory of the Curvature of Space is an important part of the theory of relativity, impossible to prove until today. Nicola Tesla, one of the great geniuses of the twentieth century said to that respect: “space cannot warp or bend itself for lacking matter”

However this theory is widely accepted in the academic world and in fact, is studied in schools and universities

Another example is the experiments carried out here in the United States, which have shown that the speed of light (another paradigm of the theory of relativity) is not the last frontier.

“Nothing can go faster than the speed of light.” That’s one of the most celebrated principles of Albert Einstein.

Lijun J. Wang et al., from NEC Research Institute in Princeton (New Jersey) in 2000, managed to exceed the speed of light at 310 times and the result was published in Nature.

The speed of light is no longer the limit, something happened…..! It went from the maximum allowed speed of 300,000 km/sec to 93,000,000 km/sec. Yes, 93 million miles per second.

Academic orthodoxy forced Lijun to say that the result of his experiment did not violate the Law of Relativity, I think it violated it… 310 times.

The same orthodoxy with the same volition is applied to the case of the theory of Human Evolution (Darwin). The scientific community is still hoping to find the missing link in the chain of evolution of the human species, which will never find because in my opinion, does not exist. We do not descended from monkeys because we share 93% of genes and only 300 genes differentiate us from the rats. Are those signs that perhaps we descended from them?

Definitely not, but it forces us not to look outside the box of knowledge imposed by orthodox science.

The Darwinian Theory is a theory not a law.

The dogmatic use of knowledge and the way is taught by groups of power in control of society, have consciously limited the analysis and human creativity.

The mechanisms of domination do not seem very different comparing the mission that the Inquisition of the Late Middle Ages had, with respect to the current days in which we live, the society, the academic world and the digital society, all keeping control systems over knowledge management, teaching us to think and see according to their criteria and for their economic and political purposes.

Marco Fabriano



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