Edaphic factor – the core of the power of plants

Edaphic factor – the core of the power of plants

We believe strongly in the Edaphic factor like the core of the power of plants, the real quintessence in terms of their quality ingredients. In botany, plants offer different qualities depending on the geographical altitude, the amount of sun exposure, the composition of the earth in their moisture and acid base balance; and yearly rainfall, which is the amount of rainwater that the plant receives throughout the year.

Edaphic factor – some examples

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) this plant is found in Mediterranean countries.

In Andalucia (South West region of Spain) exists Rosemary of good quality, but this plant needs a much higher level of sunshine and very little moisture in the soil, which means low precipitation. So if you want the best Rosemary in Morocco (north of Africa) is where you will find it. Where the best Edaphic factor allow the best quality in Rosemary essentials oil.

Chamomile (Matricaria Recutita Chamomila) is also found in the United States in Montana and other northern states. Which is of good quality; but if we want to find the best quality of this plant, it is found in Germany due to the high level of rainfall yearly and temperate climate, again the Edaphic factor.

These are examples, but it is also our methodology, knowledge and our experience through the last 15 years working on botanicals hand made formulas for hair treatments; picking the plants only at their best, their natural origin.

Almudena Rodriguez



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