Ecosystem – the basis of human and wildlife well-being

Ecosystem – the basis of human and wildlife well-being

Ecosystem is an interrelationship among living organisms from the most minuscule as bacteria and fungi, through the wonderful botanical world, plants and trees to the animals.

Everything that composes our ecosystem is like a puzzle where each piece gives meaning or integration to other living elements, forming a harmonic structure and vital for the sustenance and endurance of the human being.

In my opinion the basis of livelihood for all this wonderful complex structure is the rainwater, trees and plant world around them.

Trees serve many missions which is enjoyed by humans. Trees hold the soil compact in its place. A mountain or hill with enough trees get two effects in favor of the action of the rain: the leaves cushion the fall of the water and thus the force of impact to the duel. And roots retain adhesion to the topsoil. The dynamic action of water and physical – chemical transformation in the soil surrounding the trees, is creating fertile soil, edaphic factor, new native trees and over time, the concentration of trees takes the form of forest.

Another important synergy is the ability of roots of trees to retain water in the soil and filter into the underground aquifers.

The main source of water production is through rainfall.

Water, source of life for our species and our ecosystem is a challenge for our times. Pollution, acid rain, make control and water quality, essential for our health tasks. The precipitation rate in many parts of the world has changed substantially in the last hundred years. Areas over time have become arid and desert. This has led to changes such as the extinction of botanical species and / or animals. A change in our ecosystem.

To reverse this problem, there needs to be a certain concentration of vapor in the atmosphere, so that the water condense and precipitate

If the mountains or hills are free of trees, the air does not condense and rain does not occurs. But if these same mountains, hills or plains have a good concentration of trees, the small number of grams of steam transcends its leaves is enough to achieve a relative humidity of 100%, and cause condensation and rain.

In a ecosystem’s cycle we need to be aware of their importance; Forests, the larger they are, more water they evaporate and more water they receive.

Almudena Rodriguez



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