Helping your Hair in Winter Time

1. Hair care products for the winter

a. Moisturizing Conditioners

Main conditioners feature

Conditioners carry positive electrical charges, which neutralize negative charges (static electricity) that leave the hair looking frizzy after shampooing.

Frizzy and tangled hair after washing can be solved through the application by quality conditioner.

Our conditioners with high concentration of positive charges through natural mineral ingredients, substantially reduce frizziness due to freshly washed and already clean hair, improving the final detangling and styling result.

How to use

Conditioners are used on wet hair, leaving them on for about one or two minutes more than enough contact time, the ingredients will provide protection and moisturizing and nutrition, then rinsing. Although there are also versions of conditioners that do not need rinsing (leave in) but they are not my preference because they create an almost instantaneous greasy effect and dull on the hair after a few hours.

The conditioner´s ingredients that you should take into account during the cold of winter, just the same that in shampoos to keep your healthy hair in conditioner formula. Biotin, B vitamins, taurine and amino acids, they will ensure a balance for hair protection in winter time.

Aminoacids, enhance keratin protein synthesis, the main “components” that make up the hair shaft and therefore hair growth.

If you are looking for a quality conditioner then your hair will receive an enhanced effect after shampooing.

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