Anti-Viral Medicinals Plants: Strengthening Our Immune System.

“Focusing attention on the virus has two inconveniences. It can generate fear, leading to a sustained stress response that weakens the immune system.”

How can we strengthen our immune system

The situation is what it is, but it will depend on to live this pandemic from calm or anxiety and this has the power to negatively or positively affect our cellular universe. Is this what I’m telling pure metaphysics? Not at all. Here a brief scientific and direct explanation.

Positive thoughts – when they are being created.

1. The cells of the immune system through their neurotransmitters send signals that restore the balance between inflammatory and anti-inflammatory substances.

2. The endocrine-metabolic system generates neuropeptides and hormones that generate health and a feeling of well-being.

Anti-Viral medicines from medicinals plants

A significant number of medicines elaborated by the pharmaceutical industry are derived from plant molecules. There are studies on medicinal plants against a wide range of viruses but they also with anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing properties.
Remember, it is important that the doses, indications, and contraindications are respected, as well as their frequency of use. In this way, we can use them safely. Always consult with your doctor, before.

In my next posts, you will find a summary of antiviral plant data.

Almu Rodriguez

Almu Rodriguez

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