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In-store pre-bottled products and accessories for hair care. These products are natural and organic, made with the best botanicals. Made in USA

Online Hair Diagnosis

Try our quick on-site hair diagnosis and scalp with product recommendation. Some products need to be specially customized or created in-store.

Customized Treatments

One-on one individualized hair-care programs designed to treat any disorder, hair loss, dandruff, scalp and other hair disorders.

From Organic Plants to Beautiful & Healthy Hair

Hairwise Natural Hair Products

Hairwise, the hair wellness and care brand, presents effective herbal solutions for complete hair care. Our products provide targeted formulas personalized to your hair needs. Hairwise shows guaranteed results in few days.

With the perfect balance of science and nature, the hair experts at Hairwise work to develop specially formulated products to address your individual hair needs. Our advanced formulas ensure that your hair is pampered by organic plants procured around the world.

Make the choice for healthy hair today with hair wellness and care products offered by Hairwise. Click below for a consultation, and allow one of our experts to determine your perfect hair formula. Stop using products that are harmful to your hair and start being Hairwise.

About Us

Hairwise is a Miami based company specialized in products and services for the HAIR WELLNESS AND CARE. We provide Botanicals Shampoos as well as private consultations with trained hair and scalp specialists and the opportunity to create individualized programs to suit customers needs.

Hairwise focuses on three categories of products and services:
1. In-store pre-bottled products and accessories for hair care. These products are natural and organic, made in the US and bottled in-store.
2. Quick on-site hair diagnosis and scalp with product recommendation. Some products need to be specially customized or created in-store.
3. One-on one individualized hair-care programs designed to treat hair loss and other hair disorders.

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Real Cases…

Carlos D.

Once you go there, Marcos will take very good care of you. He really knows what he is talking about. They will prepare a special shampoo with herbs and natural ingredients that will stimulate hair growth.

It took a little bit of faith at first, but after one month, my hair stopped falling and new little hairs are growing. This guys really know about hair! The place is very neat and organized and very modern. They will treat you like family.

I Absolutely recommend it!

Carlos D.Boston, MA
Sara A.

My experience with Hairwise, from beginning to end, has been absolutely wonderful.  I have been struggling with my scalp and heavy dandruff for about a year and happened to run into Hairwise via Groupon.  I visited their Miami based office for a scalp consultation and have done about 3 washes with the Grease Dandruff 100 shampoo.

The shampoo has achieved what no previous shampoo has.  I don’t have itching anymore, the dandruff has significantly reduced and is expected to disappear after some additional washes , and my hair is absolutely beautiful.

I am beyond excited to have finally found a solution to my scalp problem.  One plus to the whole experience, Almudena and Marcos (co-owners) are wonderful people and have provided a personalized service beyond my expectations.

Sara A.Miami, FL
Nicole P.

Through out the years I have purchased and tried out so many hair products for my hair to optimize its health naturally but every product ive stumbled across has dissapointed me. I always try to stick to the most natural approach when it comes to my hair care.

I finally found a flyer one day and decided to try out hairwise. I have to say its not your traditional hair salon but I finally found the results and answers I was looking for and im very happy! I definitely reccomend this place to anyone who wants answers and results and especially a full transformation on their hair! My hair has grown and my natural color has even gotten shiny and healthy due to the natural herbs in the products. All plants that are imported no chemicals no parabens. It feels great, just come with an open mind and you will be amazed at your results.

Nicole P.Miami Beach, FL
Caroline D.

Hairwise products have improved my hair several times since November 2014, two aggressive hair colors and 1 keratin session. In November my hair needed a good shampoo. Hairwise is a natural, herb based shampoo.

I had sought for the perfect shampoo for many years. Having tried commercial to high end shampoos, my hair and scalp feels right with Hairwise: shinny, with volume, and overall healthy. Still I was tempted to color it twice since November and subject it to a keratin treatment in December.

My hair paid the price of course. I continue using Hairwise. I am glad because my hair looks healthy, shinny and alive again. I definite am sold out about Hairwise! It’s a great product!

Caroline D.Miami, FL
Nicole P.

Ladies and Gentlemen, yesterday was my first time trying out HairWise Hair Research Institute/Salon ! I am amazed with this place that I happened to find in the heart of Downtown Miami. Women and Men, if you are looking for Natural Organic hair products and ways to improve your hair to its optimal health and shine please try HairWise.

The process is very simple, you make an appointment and then you will have a professional research the scalp of your head and hair follicles with an HD microscopic camera to see the conditions of your hair or any concerns you might have to dry brittle ends, hair loss, slow hair growth, etc. After they will show you in the video what you can do to better your hair, they begin the process of Hair wisdom meeting all of your hair needs individually.

Every product they hand make themselves will meet your scalp and hair needs. They use natural herbs imported from Europe (not that cheap genetically modified stuff you find in the stores who market false organic products) this is the real deal! I tried it out I experienced great results in that very same day my hair felt amazing and looked great. Please, I recommend this place to everyone who wants to take the natural route in improving their hair and scalp.

Call them today, THIS PLACE IS TRULY A GEM!!

Nicole P.Miami, FL